No Other Way

No Other Way is Chayah Miranda's debut full-length album.


"Alive & Unplugged"


Alive & Unplugged is the acoustic set of Chayah Miranda's two song's Higher and He Loves Me. This is the original live performance recording of the first two acoustic music videos from Chayah Miranda.



Thankful is the hit song from Chayah Miranda's debut album

No Other Way.

Everything we have and everything we are is all due to God's love, grace, and mercy.  This track is an up-beat way to start your day with a smile and prayer. Show God your appreciation and be thankful for all He has done for you!

"He Loves Me"


He Loves Me is from Chayah Miranda's debut album

No Other Way.

He Loves Me is a reminder to anyone who is feeling rejected or unloved that Jesus loves you just the way you are. Know that you are loved, you are beautiful, and of the most value to God. Jesus knew that you were worth dying for, and He created you perfectly in His image.  

"Let Go"

Let Go is from Chayah Miranda's debut album No Other Way.

Let Go is a personal reflection on the obstacles that we all face in life, both external and internal. It talks about how we can overcome these regrets and fears that we deal with daily. It's about seeking God's help and letting Him carry our burdens. Just Let Go and Let God!




Higher is the hit single off of Chayah Miranda's debut album "No Other Way"

Higher is about spreading love and hope to the hopeless in this world. I tell a story of things that I‘ve seen happen on a daily basis such as a mother leaving home, getting on the bus on her way to work; a girl looking into a store window wishing if only she could purchase that over priced bag, that society would value her more and that her self worth would increase; the business men and woman going about their business, and the homeless living on the streets.

This suffering we deal with is temporary. We don’t need to worry, but to just have faith and know that everything will be ok. God will take care of you and the burdens you have. ‘I wanna lift you higher’ up to God, where there is hope, love, and a better life.

- Chayah Miranda


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